International Journal for Digital Art History

Editors: Harald Klinke, Liska Surkemper, Justin Underhill

Advisory Board: Günther Görz, Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Hubertus Kohle, Lev Manovich, Maximilian Schich, Stephan Trüby


ISSN: 2363-5398 (print version)
ISSN: 2363-5401 (electronic version)

The annual peer reviewed journal seeks to gather current developments in the field of Digital Art History world-wide and to foster discourse on the subject both from Art History and Information Science.

Journal no. 2 has appeared in 2016 online. It features Maximilian Schich as author. A Call for Manuscripts is available online.

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Hackathon for Art History

The DAH-journal is proud to present the International Hackathon for Digital Art History. Apply now at and follow #CodingDurer.


Issue #2 is online!

We are proud to announce that the second issue "Visualizing Big Image Data" is now available. Click on "Current Issue" to see.


Issue #1 is available in print!

Since the DAH-Journal is a platform for discussing questions on the digital while considering and underlining the importance of physical objects in art, the journal itself is published both in the digital and analogue realm. We are proud to announce that the first issue of the International Journal for Digital Art History is available in print. And it is beautiful!


Be a part of the DAH-Journal!

If you are interested in the future of the journal, you can become a part of the process. We welcome your help as author, peer reviewer and copy editor. Just click on "How to contribute" and join our team.


Call for Manuscripts

We have published a call for manuscripts for the third issue of our journal. Please see "Call for Manuscripts" and "Information for Authors" for further details on how to submit.